Adhering to our disciplined and conservative underwriting practices, FrostPoint Capital (FPC) invests in stabilized and value–add retail and essential service strategies. We target markets that display positive net migration trends and posses high barriers to entry. Our acquisitions primarily take place in growing metropolitan statistical areas and secondary markets throughout the Southeastern United States. FPC’s average deal size is often too large or complex for individual investors and too small for larger institutional investors to consider. This niche, mid-size market is where we thrive.

At the core of our investment strategy, we identify and acquire well-located, necessity, and service-based retail assets that are often undervalued and underperforming, often due to mismanagement and lack of required capital expenditure. Our team pinpoints inefficiencies in property management, leasing, merchandising, and capital expenditure at an early stage. Upon closing, we begin addressing these inefficiencies immediately, creating sustainable, long-term value from the beginning of the investment.

Asset Management Focused

By applying our decades of combined experience, leveraging our industry relationships, and strategically deploying our capital, we thoughtfully and methodically reposition the assets and implement our proactive and hands on management approach.

Partnership Mentality

At FrostPoint Capital we take a partnership approach with our valued tenants. We prioritize fostering a deep understanding of each tenant’s unique business and their goals, then we work with them to produce mutually beneficial results. This creates long-term value for our principals, partners, and our tenants.

Value Creation

Our in-house capabilities, spanning acquisitions, redevelopment, asset management, and leasing, allow us to tailor specific business plans for each asset and market we invest in. Our approach can vary from investment to investment. In some cases, complete renovations are necessary. In others, we focus on cleaning up management inefficiencies, upgrading common areas, addressing capital items, and remerchandising the property.


real estate strategy

FrostPoint Capital primarily invests in stabilized and value-add shopping centers throughout the Southeast. Our target markets include:

Florida – Georgia - North Carolina - South Carolina – Tennessee - Alabama.

Florida – Georgia - North Carolina -
South Carolina – Tennessee - Alabama.

As a privately held company, we have the wherewithal and expertise to consider several alternative real estate strategies. These offerings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis:

Anchored Centers (Grocery, Discount)

Unanchored Strip Centers


Single Tenant NNN



Warehouse/ Light Industrial

Joint Venture / Equity Positions

Our Deal Parameters:

  • $5 million - $20 million
  • < 150,000 square feet
  • Above average population growth
  • 35,000 people within a 3-mile radius
  • Median Household Income of > $75,000
  • Excellent Visibility and Ingress / Egress

To submit an investment opportunity for our team to consider, please send a brief deal overview to Taylor Gerhardt at Thank you.