FrostPoint Capital pursues Value–Add and Opportunistic strategies in markets with high barriers to entry and above-average population growth. In most cases, our acquisitions take place in growing secondary and tertiary cities throughout the Eastern half of the United States. FrostPoint’s average deal size is often too large or complex for individual investors, but too small for larger institutional investors to consider.

Our investment strategy is to identify and acquire well-located, necessity, and service-based retail assets below replacement cost. During our due diligence period, we pinpoint inefficiencies in property management, leasing, merchandising, and capital expenditure. Upon closing, we begin addressing these inefficiencies, driving value creation from the beginning of the investment.

By applying our decades of combined experience, leveraging our industry relationships, and strategically deploying our capital, we thoughtfully and methodically reposition the asset(s) and implement our proven ‘management first’ practices. By placing emphasis on asset management and executing each investment’s unique business plan, we generate consistent risk-adjusted returns by unlocking and maximizing long-term value, not only for our principals and partners, but for our tenants and the surrounding communities where we proudly do business.


real estate strategy

FrostPoint Capital primarily invests in Neighborhood / Essential Retail properties. That said, as a private company, we have the wherewithal and remain nimble enough to consider and invest in several other strategies, including:

  • Single Tenant NNN
  • Office
  • Medical
  • Light Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Self-Storage
  • Debt/Equity Positions
  • Joint Ventures

These offerings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We are continually looking to enhance our portfolio. Please reach out if you have a deal you would like us to consider.